10 Core Concepts in Virtual Generative AI Agents and Humans in Sales in a 3-minute video via AIuserForum.com

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Here are some core concepts in how “melding machines and minds” can work together to increase sales revenues, reduce costs, enhance communications and simplify activities.

1 – Customer experience – both customers and companies need to find ways to ease the ever-evolving and ever-more complex goals of multi-vendor customer environments. By creating a customer-communications department focused on this including customers can both sides overcome the challenge of “communication will always fail except by chance.

2 – Complex issues – many humans love the great challenges, so use humans to do what they do best and machines complete tasks that happens over and over again.

3 – Creative solutions – humans are very creative and are best able to find not just complex but new and innovative solutions to issues.  Then allow machines to “wash the dishes or clothes.”

4 – Crisis communications – an event like the pandemic or flash-fires can occur without or give any warning to the many hurt or worse.  In sales a product recall can ruin a business.  Having a virtual agent to solve the many FAQ-frequently-asked questions helps the business understand the current and even potential crisis’s ahead and to be better ready to respond proactively rather than always reactively.

5 – Cultivate – empathy is often considered a human greatest trait. Using humans to “walk in the customer shoes” and letting AI agents help with tasks that support that makes a better ongoing customer experience.

6 – Collaboration – who’s to say that an AI agent can’t collaborate but the reality is that collaborating together makes both work better.

7 – Contact-call center – often first-customer communications with a contact-call center is via an AI agent.  As these become better they can, always with an option to escalate to a human, solve many of the simple requests and tasks required.  This can also help humans understand what is causing frustrations by customers and provide remedies.

8 – Connections – sales efforts often over look “other connections” with other customers, influences, and more.  Linkedin provides the real means to connect with like, different, new and exciting people.  These can be used for sales or professional growth.

9 – Consistent – quality is really a challenge in sales, as each salesperson is often very different from the next. AI agents can provide a “benchmark” for various kinds of sales “script” which can be used to provide the same experience for every contact every time.

10 – Consensus – AI agents, systems and concepts are not qoing fade away.  They will only become more prevalent in business and society.  However, there truly needs to be some consensus in how “relevant” they are and when to be great tools.

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This original text was written by a human and produced into a video using AI including the audio.