AI Twitter Scoreboard

AI Twitter Scoreboard

Having reviewed the CB Insights Top-100 and other sources for companies who say that are providing solutions for AI and related topics such as ML-machine learning, neural networks, robotics, and other areas, we wanted to see what kind of social media presence was expressed by these companies.  Admittedly, many of them are startups, however, we also found that just because you are small does not mean you need to be perceived as small.  Importantly, these companies need to realize since the majority are B2B rather than B2C, their social media presence especially Twitter is absolutely critical.


In today’s business-political-social world, you are measured by many factors including the number of Twitter followers you have.  In fact, many surveys have found that websites in general are perceived as passive customer communication tools with Twitter being a far more proactive customer-engaging tool.  These surveys have also found an increasing number of customers go to your Twitter account before they go to your website doing “due diligence” on you looking for call-to-actions, thought leadership and content useful in their purchasing as well as customer complaints regarding your solution.  Your client may not have a Twitter business account, they may have a personal account and their advisors may as well.  This means that a lot of people are watching what you are posting in all its forms including thought leadership.  If you are public or expect to be a public company you can also see how John Legere’s Twitter efforts have impacted the price of the stock.


As noted Twitter expert Evan Kirstel just named Top B2B-Business-to-Business Influencer with 190K followers stated, “Twitter is not just way to meet new prospects and partners, it IS the way you run your company. If you aren’t engaged, your competition likely is!”  That is, CEO’s are beginning to see the real value of Twitter not just for their company but for their role as CEO in the company they run. 


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Company Twitter Account Followers Topics
IBM Watson @IBMWatson 208,000 AI
SoundHound @SoundHound 116,000 Media
89,300 Consulting
Mobalytics @MobalyticsHQ 18,700 Esports
Anki @anki 18,600 Robotics
Osmo @PlayOsmo 15,500 Education
Conversica @MyConversica 14,700 Sales
NumerAI @numerai 13,100 Fintech
Algolia @algolia 12,800 Fintech
Trifacta @Trifacta 10,400 Fintech
MobileEye @Mobileye 10,100 Autotech
OrCam @OrCam 9,973 Vision
DataRobot @DataRobot 9,650 Fintech
Element AI @element_ai 6,372 Fintech
Cybereason @cybereason 6,273 Cybersecurity
Flyr @flyrlabs 6,152 Travel
Darktrace @Darktrace 5,924 Cybersecurity
BabylonHealth @babylonhealth 5,835 Healthcare
Socure @socureme 5,377 Fraud
Workey @Workey_co  5,371 HRtech
Flatiron @flatironhealth 5,357 Healthcare
Endgame @EndgameInc 5,274 Cybersecurity
SportLogiq @SPORTLOGiQ 4,747 Sports
Onfido @Onfido 4,400 Fintech
InsideSales @InsideSales 4,400 Sales
Affirm @Affirm 4,101 Fintech
Invoca @Invoca 4,100 Marketing
CognitiveScale @CognitiveScale 3,723 Industry
UBtech Robotics @UBTECHRobotics 3,594 Robotics
Descartes @DescartesLabs 3,320 Geospatial
Tamr @Tamr_Inc 3,262 Fintech
Gong @Gong_io 3,244 Sales
SherpaES @SherpaES 3,120 Personal Assistant
Casetext @casetext 2,946 Legal
Textio @textio 2,821 HRtech
OrbitalInsight @orbital_insight 2,676 Geospatial
SparkCognitiion @SparkCognition 2,530 Cybersecurity
Vicarious @vicariousai 2,504 Robotics
Drive.AI @driveai_ 2,498 Autotech
Work Fusion @workfusion 2,254 Risk Compliance
C3 IoT @C3IoT 2,186 IoT
Appthority @Appthority 1,996 Cybersecurity
Applitools @ApplitoolsEyes 1,971 Software
Reflektion @ReflektionInc 1,544 Commerce
Mighty.AI @mighty_ai 1,486 Autotech
Moogsoft @moogsoft 1,397 IT
Neurala @Neurala 1,239 Robotics
DynamicYield @DynamicYield 1,236 Commerce
Captricity @captricity 1,235 Industry
Zest Finance @ZestFinance 1,197 Fintech
Preferred Net @PreferredNet 1,181 IoT
NautoDriver @NAUTODriver 1,029 Autotech
Amplero @AmpleroInc  894 Marketing
Ople AI @Ople_AI 851 AI Models
Braincor @braincor 820 Robotics
Frenome @freenome 759 Healthcare
Insilico @InSilicoMeds 756 Healthcare
TempusLabs @TempusLabs 726 Healthcare
Zoox @zoox 719 Autotech
RecursionPharam @RecursionPharma 692 Healthcare
Arterys @ArterysInc 665 Healthcare
FogHorn @FogHorn_IoT 665 IoT
Appier @GoAppier 647 Commerce
Manna @MaanaKnowledge 619 Decision-making
Mist Systems @MistSystems 602 AI WiFi
Benson Hill @BensonHillBio 570 Agriculture
Obsidian @obsidiansec 465 Cybersecurity
ShiftTechnology @shiftechnology 432 Cybersecurity
Afiniti @afiniti 348 Contact Center
PerimeterX @Appthority 339 Cybersecurity
Aquified @Aquified 287 Commerce
Kyndi @kynditech 277 Industry
Primer @primer_ai 268 Industry
Twiggle @twiggle_com 239 Commerce
Merlon Intelligen @MerlonTweets 224 Compliance
Cape Analytics @Affirm 186 Fintech
Versive @VersiveAI 180 Cybersecurity
KindredAI @kindredai 172 Robotics
Insight Engines @InsightEngines 130 Industry
Tractable @tractable_ai 116 Industry
CloudMindsTech @CloudMinds_Tech 100 Robotics
ByteDance @BytedanceTalk 87 Media
Mya Systems @MyaSystems 85 HRtech
Propera @prospera_tech 68 Agriculture
Deep Sentinel @deepsentinelAI 32 Physical Security

The following is a list of companies by topic and their Twitter accounts and follow or not:


@Trifacta @DataRobot @Tamr_Inc @algolia @element_ai

@ZestFinance @numerai @Affirm @Cape_Analytics


@EndgameInc @cybereason @obsidiansec @shiftechnology

@VersiveAI @Darktrace @SparkCognition @Appthority @perimeterx


@vicariousai @anki @braincor @CloudMinds_Tech @kindredai @UBTECHRobotics @Neurala


@freenome @RecursionPharma @babylonhealth @TempusLabs @ArterysInc

@flatironhealth @InSilicoMeds


@zoox @driveai_ @mighty_ai @NAUTODriver @Mobileye


@DynamicYield @ReflektionInc @Aquified @twiggle_com @GoAppier

#News #Media

@SoundHound @BytedanceTalk


@orbital_insight @DescartesLabs
















@CognitiveScale @captricity @tractable_ai @InsightEngines @primer_ai @kynditech




@textio @MyaSystems @Workey_co


@BensonHillBio @prospera_tech



#Risk #compliance

@workfusion @socureme @Onfido @MerlonTweets

#marketing #crm #sales

@AmpleroInc @Invoca @Gong_io @InsideSales @MyConversica @afiniti


@OrCam @FogHorn_IoT @MaanaKnowledge @PreferredNet @C3IoT

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