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This is a call for papers, solutions and sponsors for the Virtual AI Symposium and AIQ Awards on December 1, 2020.

The theme of the conference is AI 2020: Hip or Hype – Reality of AI in 2020 – since the concept was conceived by Alan Turing.

According to George Dyson in the book Turing’s Cathedral noted, “The paradox of artificial intelligence is that any simple enough to be understandable is not complicated enough to be have intelligently, and any system complicated enough to behave intelligently is not simple enough to understand.  The path to artificial intelligence Turing said, “construct a machine with the curiosity of a child and let intelligence evolve.” Later Dyson wrote, “a machine can build an organ which can do anything that can be done but you cannot build an organ which tells you whether it can be done.”

The AI Symposium will consist of four major presentations and panel discussions.

We are seeking papers and product solutions (not just technology but also how you are selling/marketing your solution) of up to 10-minutes for each area:

People-to-People – AI for helping people improve their lives including social media, social selling, customer engagement.

People-to-Machine – AI for control systems of devices including transportation, healthcare, drones, retail, building systems, etc.

Machine-to-People – AI for machines that perform robotics including surgery, manufacturing, transportation, etc.

Machine-to-Machine – AI for machines to help other machines do their functions.

Copyright notice: all papers may be published here and also included for consideration of AIQ Awards.

There will be virtual AIQ Awards in the areas mentioned above as well as other Awards for Innovation, Thought Leadership and Public Good as well as an IQ Award for Vertical, Horizontal and Oblique intelligence (click here for details on those concepts).  To receive the award, you must be present – virtually.  If you are interested in presenting a paper on any topic not mentioned, please suggest title before completing your work and we will work on additional guidelines.  Keynote positions are also available for a sponsorship fee.

Deadline for award submissions papers and presentations is November 1.

If you would like to sponsor (Platinum, Gold, Bronze) or submit an AI solution (free for unfunded and minor fee for applications in use by customers) contact

Details subject to change without notice.

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