Oxygrams with AI Communications Pattern Analysis


By Thomas B. Cross @oxygrams

Oxygram is a free news and multimedia platform  with advanced AI communications pattern search for iPhone and iPad.  Oxygram is a complete platform which can be customized for client needs.  That is, instead of getting stuck with the privacy failings, absurd news policy restrictions and lack of control over content, we can customize for your specific needs.

Oxygram is a social media platform that users can both “slide” up and down as well as “swipe” right-left to see essentially unlimited text, videos, pics, audio recordings including pre-recorded music and audio from their own library. Create freehand paintings or drawings using the drawing features and library and/or multimedia images called Acticons-Action Icons.


Coming in Version 2 (around 9/1) will be personal, group chat and interest groups along with Comscan advanced communication search pattern analysis and other features.

Oxygram is also integrated with AI machine learning called ComScan innovative approach based on concepts developed by Thomas B. Cross in MindMeld: CEO & AI – Merging Mental & Metal now available on iBooks.

 You can select your favorite topics and put them in folders and subfolders to organize your own news gathering and personal newsfeed.  Then tap on the selected folder/subfolder and see the posts in the categories selected. This is a great way to simplify your news feed.

Oxygram is one of the many award-winning apps including Hashnewsgrams, SleepTracsPro (leading sleep app with Visual Voice in the sleep diary, journal or log), ZoomLite (magnifying flashlight app), Basketball Fans (basketball fans meetup app), ReallyReal (dating app), Sports Fans Club (sports fans meetup app), PetsMedsMinders (pets and animal meds caregiver app), PeerSafe (personal safety siren and txt message alert app), TextFreeDrivers (aiding drivers to not text and drive) PotMedsMinders (medical marijuana and meds reminders app), Football Fans Club (football fans meetup app), Really Real and iSeekSugar (dating apps), BiEyes (photobooth selfie app), iFlipTips (study app), MedsMinders (meds and scripts reminder with chat and newsfeed app), BaseballFansClub (baseballfans meetup app), RewardsVIPClub (rewards/loyalty app), and others from TECHtionary.