IoMT-Internet of Medical Things “Literally All-In”

By Thomas B. Cross @techtionary

IoT-internet of things and its cousin IoMT or internet of medical things has long been personal passion as personal health care and those we care for literally drives everything we do.  Yet, there is very little we know very little about health and health living except to say about as much as a trillion dollars is spent on it trying to figure it out.  Yes, we know about things that are good for us, but we don’t often like them, prefer eating and not exercising which is the reason why obesity and other ailments are such cause for concern. Driving passion is exploring all the myriad of possibilities and homing in on those that can help me and help others bring real-life solutions to bear on the global need. I find IoMT may bring great solutions for informing us on what we should do to improve our help and hopefully motivate us to get off the coach and exercise. Here are some key point to key in mind when exploring options in in IoMT from my research:


– 1 – Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is still a new application of IoT in healthcare. In fact, there will always be something new.



– 2 – IoMT is an enabling technology for personalized, data-driven preventive medicine. Consumerization of healthcare and empowerment of the individual to control their health are accelerating the wider acceptance of connected health.  Yes, “self-service” and DIY-do it yourself health may be the only practical way for you to be healthy.  In addition, whatever we know today is like V1.0 and expect like with our experience with personal computers and smartphones to have many more updates/upgrades along the way.


– 3 – IoMT in healthcare faces unique challenges with security, risk and compliance, and industry and governmental specific barriers to adoption, which can be overcome.   Indeed, there are some many things that can go wrong and will that “your mileage may vary” applies to how you will use IoMT.


However, the evolution of IoMT will likely occur in many different phases, ways and places.  One of the interesting approaches that may likely happen is that IoMT will be “bolted-on” to existing medical surgeries such as hip, knee, cosmetic and other replacements and implants.  I just had a hip replacement found out there was a lot of missing elements in the surgery-to-recovery process from surgeon to physical therapy finding many steps in the process more dysfunctional that a coordinator effort.  In addition, rather than specialized IoMT the addition of advanced expert systems, machine learning and other forms of AI-artificial intelligence might be included along with your new hip, knee or other implant.  These devices can gather information about device use along with knowledge of other relevant information.  As there is often no need for realtime data gathering, a RFID-radio frequency ID devices like your toll road “ez-pass” can download data for analysis and reports.  By collecting data from separate or groups of IoMT implants additional knowledge can be gathered for you.  This doesn’t mean you will not have a bunch of blood stream “rovers” streaming through your system looking for and curing specific ailments.

If you prefer a less-invasive way to gather health information how about the “energy bar” providers get onboard with IoMT solutions to determine the impact of their product on your health.  I would certainly like a daily read on what is going on inside me and give me a read out as I am still trying to get my workout and diet going together rather than the way it is now.  I would get onboard my fav energy bar sending me readouts on my blood sugar and other levels in order to optimize my workout efforts.

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