Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2019

This is an excerpt from CB Insights on AI.  They focus on:



– Application: Computer vision
– Application: Natural language processing/synthesis
– Application: Predictive intelligence
– Architecture
– Infrastructure

Click on the image for the complete report, however, of all the issues which you can see covered in the graphic, this was in my opinion the most interesting or at least newest one.


The need for real-time decision making is pushing AI closer to

the edge.

Running AI algorithms on edge devices — like a smartphone or a car or even a wearable device — instead of communicating with a central cloud or server gives devices the ability to process information locally and respond more quickly to situations.

Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Apple, along with a number of emerging startups, are focused on building chips exclusively for AI workloads at the “edge.”

From consumer electronics to telecommunications to medical imaging, edge AI has implications for every major industry.

For example, an autonomous vehicle has to respond in real-time to what’s happening on the road, and function in areas with no internet connectivity. Decisions are time-sensitive and latency could prove fatal.