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This new page will be for companies hiring and those seeking a job. Companies hiring can be listed for a nominal fee. Job seekers will be posted for free. This page is promoted on Twitter up to 300K per day (across multiple Twitter accounts for maximum exposure such as @aiqwards (4K), @techtionary (18.9K), @telecomreseller (10.8K), @whatstadoing (4.5K), @boulderbusiness (9.9K) and for major advertisers @evankirstel #1 in AI (170K) and @ucstrategies (44K).

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In the meantime, the debate goes on about whether AI will increase or eliminate jobs. Here is an another article that that debate.

The reality of AI and jobs: Somewhere between utopia and dystopia – the view from Australia. AI is poised to add more money to the world economy, if governments invest in data and upskilling employees to work with the technology.

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