AAAI Call for Nominations for Executive Council by March 9

The 2018 Nominating Committee is seeking nominations from the AAAI membership for the positions of AAAI President-Elect and Executive Councilor. Please complete the information below and send us your suggestions by Friday, March 9. (Note that you can nominate as many people as you like.)

In 2018, AAAI members will elect one individual to serve a two-year term as president-elect, followed by two years as president, and finally, two years as immediate past president. In addition, members will elect four new councilors to serve three-year terms on the AAAI Executive Council. All elected officers and councilors are expected to attend all council meetings each year (usually 1-2 in person and 2-3 via telecon), and actively participate in AAAI activities. Nominees must be current members of AAAI. The Nominating Committee encourages all regular AAAI members in good standing to place an individual’s name before them for consideration. (Student and institutional members are not eligible to submit candidates’ names.) The Nominating Committee, in turn, will nominate two candidates for president-elect and eight candidates for councilor in the spring. In addition to members’ recommendations, the committee will actively recruit individuals in order to provide a balanced slate of candidates. AAAI regular members will vote in late spring, and the new members of the Executive Council will be installed in the summer of 2018.

Please complete the attached form and send it to, fax it to +1-650-321-4457, or mail it to AAAI, 2275 East Bayshore Road, Suite 160, CA 94303, no later than March 9.


Carol Hamilton
Executive Director, AAAI