Top 10 AI Tech Trends for 2018

All are somewhat interesting however, this is an interesting trend in AI –

4. Generative adversarial networks: pairing neural nets to spur learning and lighten the processing load

What it is: A generative adversarial network (GAN) is a type of unsupervised deep learning system that is implemented as two competing neural networks. One network, the generator, creates fake data that looks exactly like the real data set. The second network, the discriminator, ingests real and synthetic data. Over time, each network improves, enabling the pair to learn the entire distribution of the given data set.

Why it matters: GANs open up deep learning to a larger range of unsupervised tasks in which labeled data does not exist or is too expensive to obtain. They also reduce the load required for a deep neural network because the two networks share the burden. Expect to see more business applications, such as cyber detection, employ GANs

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